SSB Filters in the CW Slots

Question: Can you put SSB filters in CW slots? If so, will it affect the transmit?

Solution: I have posted several requests for information about adding additional SSB filters in the CW IF positions and did not receive any responses. While in Dayton, I stopped by the Yaesu booth and talked with Chip and was assured that I could add 1.8 filters in the 250 CW positions and it would only affect the RX and not the TX because all transmit is via the 2.4 filters.

I then went to the INRAD booth and saw George and purchased a pair of 1.8 filters.Upon my return home I installed the 1.8 filters in the 250 slots. So that I now have a pair of 2.4 filters in the 2.4 slots, a pair od 2.0 filters in the 2.0 slots and a pair of 1.8 filters in the 250 slots. The flexibility is terrific and the ability to cascade the filters or use any combination is great. George K3GV


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