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Mark V Easy-Set options by N8ME

When I replaced my 1000MP with a Mark V, I discovered that the USER setup (menu 8-6) had several more available under the EASY-SET option. While the original only had SSTV and FAX, the Mark V includes SSTV (both Upper and Lower) FAX (both Upper and Lower) and PSK31 (both Upper and Lower). All these use the Packet (AFSK) input. It also has PSK31-S (both Upper and Lower) which uses the Mic input.

I'm still learning about the parameters available here (Mode, Display Offset, Rx PLL, Rx Carrier, Tx PLL, Tx Carrier and RTTY Shift), but I realized that even though the original 1000MP didn't have all the EASY-SEt options, these values could be entered manually. Below is a table listing the EASY-SEt parameters from the Mark V (it's best to use a fixed pitch font to view the table).

| nodE | dSP-oFSt | r-PLL | r-cAr | t-PLL | t-cAr | rttY-Sft
SStv-L | PAc-Lo | 0.000 | -1.750 | 456.650 | -1.750 | 456.750 | 0.000
SStv-u | PAc-Lo | 0.000 | 1.750 | 453.250 | 1.750 | 453.250 | 0.000
FAcS-L | PAc-Lo | 0.000 | -1.900 | 456.900 | -1.900 | 456.900 | 0.000
FAcS-u | PAc-Lo | 0.000 | 1.900 | 453.100 | 1.900 | 453.100 | 0.000
PS31-l | PAc-Lo | -1.000 | -1.000 | 456.000 | -1.500 | 456.500 | 0.000
PS31-u | PAc-Lo | 1.000 | 1.000 | 454.000 | 1.500 | 453.500 | 0.000
PS31-SL | LSB | -1.000 | -1.450 | 456.450 | -1.500 | 456.500 | 0.000
PS31-Su | USB | 1.000 | 1.450 | 453.550 | 1.500 | 453.500 | 0.000

To enter these parameters, select menu 8-6. Turn the sub VFO knob and it will scroll through the parameters listed across the top. The parameter name is displayed in the Sub Receiver display. Then use the main VFO knob to select the desired value. Operation of EASY-SEt: On menu 8-6, if you use the sub VFO to scroll through all the parameters, the last one displayed is EASY-SEt. You can the use the main VFO to scroll through the available options (Off + 2 option on the original MP, Off + 8 on the Mark V). When you select an option other than Off, the parameters for the user mode are replaced with the values for the appropriate mode. You can see this by using the sub VFO to scroll through the parameters. Note, however, when you get back to EASY-SEt that it again will be set to Off.

I hope this helps folks trying to get a handle on using the1000MP with digital modes. I would also be interested if anyone can explain how these settings actually work in the radio so that I can figure out my own custom settings. For example, the default tone for PSK with the settings above is 1 kHz. I would like to run PSK with a default tone of 2.5 kHz. That way, if my soundcard has a 2nd harmonic a 5 kHz, it should be out of the tx bandpass. Here's what I have gathered so far. Maybe with everyone's help, we can piece this all together.

Mode - operation mode
Display Offset - the difference between the actual frequency and what is displayed. Rx PLL, TxPLL - sort of like the old time BFO or the CW Pitch control

Rx Car, TxCar - I assume that this is related to the 455 kHz IF. But I'm not sure how this is different from the PLL settings. If you look at the table above, it seems that in all cases, the Carrier is equal to the 455 minus the PLL. If this is always the case, why are there separate adjustments? Perhaps it has something to do with the SHIFT and WIDTH?

RTTY Shift - offset between RTTY Mark and Space tones. The most common shift is 170 Hz or 0.170 kHz

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