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Audio from FT000MP Mark V

Question: I am recording select 6m DX QSOs to my computer via the soundcard (FT1000mp and transverter) from the transceiver's line level AF out port. So far I can only get the other station's audio to appear at this port. I would like to also record my CW sidetone or the monitored transmit signal. How does one accomplish this? Is there a menu setting?

Solution: On many Mark 5 and at least some regular MPs, the monitored CW or SSB appears on the other channel of the AF out jack (whichever one the main RX audio isn't on...) Others, including ON4UN, report it isn't there on theirs. Why there should be a variation I don't understand, but it is worth checking. Pete N4ZR


Comments:  I have both the Mark V and the Mark V Field and I often make recordings from the AF Out jack. The transmit audio - cw or ssb only appears on the AF Out jack if the MONI button is activated. The front panel MONI level does not affect the audio level of the AF Out jack. Thor, TF4M



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