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FT1000MP Mark V Field Clicks or Thumps on Break-In CW

Problem: I just purchased a new Mk-5 Field at Dayton. I've installed an Inrad 400Hz filter in the 455 IF. With two filters in and NAR1 turned on for the second filter. When I operate full CW QSK there is a very noticeable click or thump every time the rig switches back to receive. In fact it happens when I release the MOX button after pushing it in even without sending any CW!! If I switch to NOR instead of NAR1 the thump is gone!! You have to turn the AF Gain up a bit to really hear it and it is more noticeable when the band is quiet.

It is kind of annoying to listen to that thump when sending CW in BK-IN mode. Others have said they have the same problem, even with the original FT-1000MP... I used to have a Kenwood TS-940 and the QSK operation was very clean! I figured this new rig would be even better!! Thanks in advance for any info or suggestions...73, Ted K2QMF

Solution: Several folks have written to ask for the settings I use to minimize (or eliminate) the clicks/thumps in break-in CW. W0DC asked that I share it with the group. So here it is. I hope it works for you. I bought the Yaesu Mark-V Field at Dayton. I bought the full compliment if INRAD filters. This makes a good radio almost GREAT. I was shocked when I heard the key clicks and thumps when I went to NAR1. I heard it very very slightly in NAR2 and nothing in NOR. In NAR1 I went to the EDSP/APF and clicked on 240 and the clicks/thumps almost disappear but you tell they are "masked".

When I called INRAD to order the filters I spoke with George about the problem. He acknowledged the problem. He has an MP and is a CW op. He thought the problem was very minor. They had tried to come up with a fix. However, they did not come up with one. I think it is a nasty problem. So, I started putzing around with menu settings. In menu setting 7-0 Abic 2 I heard the thumps louder. I made sure I stayed in Abic 1. Then I went to menu 7-4 which is defaulted at 5(ms). The higher I went the softer the clicks/thumps were. I ended up at 30 (ms) and now I hardly hear any thumps or clicks. I hope this works for you also. I have the 400 hz filter in NAR1 and the 250 Hz in NAR 2. I would be interested to hear from others to see if this works in different models. Pete-K8PT




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