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Filter Choices and Settings with Rigblaster to Mark V

Problem: WB2AJI wrote: I have installed the 2nd and 3rd IF crystal 2.0 khz filters from Yaesu, and must admit I am disappointed.....Between the noise and I guess the shape factor of these units, it is extremely difficult to copy weak signals......the interference reduction is not impressive either.....

Do the Inrad 2.1 filters work better?.....Shall I try to return the stock 2.0 filters and obtain the Inrad?.....

Solution: Mike, before returning your 2.0 Yaesu filters, first try setting Menu 8-9 to the following values:

r-LsbcAr -0.200
t-LsbcAr -0.100
Proc-Lsb -0.100
r-uSbcAr -0.200
t-uSbcAr -0.100
Proc-uSb -0.100
t-A3-cAr -0.100

The carrier offsets for all of these settings was 0.000. I also noted the poor RX (and TX) audio with the default settings, but once I changed to the above settings for my Yaesu 2.0 pair, both RX and TX audio improved dramatically. I've been using these settings for the past 3 years in numerous SSB contests on 10 meters including setting the current USA records in CQ WW SSB, ARRL DX SSB and CQ WPX SSB. The filters you have will work fine once you change the carrier offsets. I certainly would consider the Inrad 1.8's if I had it to do over again, but that would cost another $270 and I frankly doubt I would notice the difference. BTW, the above carrier offsets will also greatly improve the performance of the stock 2.4 filters or any Yaesu or Inrad SSB filters for that matter. Bill W4ZV


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