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INRAD IF Improvement Installation

Problem: I had a 1000MP and installed the Inrad IF improvement board. It worked just fine. I then bought a new MKV. Transferred the Inrad board to the new rig. With the board installed, the S-meter stopped operating, i.e., no bars show on the meter. When the board is removed and the cabling is restored, the S-meter works fine.
 K6SBA David

Solution: You might have the board in backwards. If you hook up to the wrong three solder pad area (there are two) then the board acts like a big attenuator. A friend of mine and I hooked it up just this way and that's what happened. Mike

Thanks to Mike and Hans for responding to my query. I called Inrad and they solved the problem. The MP only requires installing the Inrad board and rerouting cables. The MKV is a different story. With the MKV, the Inrad board requires voltage from two solder pads on the MKV audio board. Inrad very graciously faxed me the updated instructions to use the board on the MKV.

So the moral to the story: If you own a MP and want to use the Inrad board from it in your new MKV, make sure you have the updated installation instructions from Inrad. K6SBA



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