Mark V







MD100 and Hum with the FT1000MP Field                                  

Problem: There is a problem with hum when this otherwise excellent microphone is used with the FT-1000MP Mark-V Field. The shield from the MIC element head is wired to pin 5 (PTT GND) instead of pin 7 which is the MIC GND. This wiring mistake is in the microphone body, not the base or cable. This is not a problem when used with the FT-1000MP Mark-V (200 watt version) nor another radio such as the FT-847. A ground loop induced hum takes place when the Field radio is used with its internal supply only. Yaesu has kept quiet on this, and it may be OK on recent inventory. I recently had a warranty repair of the radio returned to me with no problem found before realizing that the problem was with the MD-100 as it was experienced with several MD-100 units. Yaesu did tell me to return the microphones, but would not elaborate on the fix. Just thought all of you should be aware. Ross  Stenberg,K9COX

Solution: No solutions available yet.


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