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Moni Button Not Working


I have a Mark V and the MONI button does not work. The light does not come on nor does the MONI work. It seems to function normal like the class a button does. Terry (wl7sj)



I did a CPU master reset and it works fine now. thanks for help. 73s wl7sj



I have just found your site while looking for a fix for a problem I have with the FT1000MP MkV - specifically the MONI button not working. The fix that is on your site says that doing a CPU reset fixes the issue.  Can you add to the solution, as I have found why the MONI doesn't work?


Doing a CPU reset works because it resets all the menu settings to defaults - including menu 7-8 "Sub Receiver".  If you switch the sub receiver off in the menu's the MONI button doesn't work any more. Turning it back on (or resetting the CPU which does the same thing) fixes the issue and MONI now works. Neil M0FSH








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