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Hum on Transmit - FT-1000MP Field

Problem: I picked up my new FT-1000MP field yesterday and had a few hours on air last night. (The receiver is quite impressive.) I found that I seem to have hum (like an earth loop problem) on the audio when I listen on the monitor. Have other people had similar results??

Solution: I had that problem when I connected an earth ground to the ground post. Disconnected it and the hum went away with no other ill effects. Roger W6VZV

Problem: I have a new 1000 mp Mark V, and Yaesu MD 100 microphone. When radio fan comes on a loud electric buzz appears in the monitor circuit AND into the transmitted audio!! Its happened with 3 NEW MD-100 mics! Some MD 100 mics work fine, while others exhibit this ground problem.

Solutions: It happened to me yesterday - a guy told me I had a hum on my signal turned out it was because I had my sound card plugged into the patch socket on the rear don't know if that's pertinent to you, but I could hear the hum/buzz on the monitor. Tom gm4fdm

This happened to me a few times...seems if you have the monitor volume level set bit high it happens...It scared the hell out of me the first time. Ron

I had the same problem and solved it by connecting a ground from one of the screws that holds the cover on the computer case to the radio ground. Mark




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