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Antenna Tuner with Doublet Antenna by K6SBA

Problem: I am having trouble with the tuner capabilities of the MKV. My antenna is a 102-ft doublet feed by 450 ladder line into a 4:1 balun outside the radio room. About 12-ft of RG-213/U runs from the balun to the radio. The antenna is obviously on the short side for 80/75-m and may have some issues on 40-m as well.

Solution: Since the tuner did quite well on 20 and up, I concluded the problem was possibly in the antenna feed line. A simple fix was to splice in an additional 10 feet of ladder line. Back at the radio, I hit the tuner button, and the radio found quick matches on 80/75 as well as 40 and above. Settings stayed in memory as well.

The moral of the story: try adding some additional footage to your ladder line-fed antenna. Don't assume that the problem is the limited tuning range of the MKV's auto tuner. 73 de K6SBA




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