FT 1000MP Dual Receive Modification (Courtesy of WD8ARZ)

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Technical Report
2 wave simultaneous reception of the band which differs (dual receiving) it actualizes!

The FT-1000 (at the time of BPF-1 installing) in the same way, two receivers which become independent are loaded in the FT-1000MP. But, if as for the FT-1000MP because the BPF for the sub band (the band pass filter) you have not prepared, the identical band although it is possible, dual receiving of the band which differs cannot do dual receiving. This time, connecting the BPF outside, in order to be able to receive two bands which differ
simultaneously it introduces the system.

Basic Constitution
Because almost it is the same as the FT-1000, it can actualize the basic constitution of the reception input circuit of the FT-1000MP, by diverting the BPF-1 which has been used with the FT-1000. The band pass filter BPF-1 for the FT-1000 is operational, 14 the band data which is divided 12 dividing the BPF in this unit. In order to divert this, to the FT-1000MP, the data of reception frequency of the sub band is removed, the proper data is sent to the BPF-1 and the BPF is changed, 2 wave simultaneous reception of the band which differs by connecting that signal to the sub reception field become possible.

Removal of band data of sub band

With addition of simple circuit control of BPF actualization (The left: BPF-1 and the right: The additional base plate which controls the band data) Because only the data of the main band it has come out of the band data
terminal of the FT-1000MP, it is the case that it has the necessity to remove the band data of the sub band with a some method. Then, sub reception unit (RX2 unit) there is a band data of the sub band, there is only a data
of dividing ratio in order the PLL to control the data and the 1stc.local of 4 divisions which change the VCO for 1stc.local oscillation which changes with reception frequency. Because with the rough data of 4 divisions, the
BPF-1 cannot be controlled finely, the 1st. The band data is created from dividing ratio of local.

Frequency constitution of FT-1000MP sub receiver

The frequency range of the 1stc.local is mixed, with 47.21 - the 77.21mHz, the signal of the DDS and the like which covers detailed step in this becomes the PLL IF of approximately 6mHz - the 36mHz. This frequency
dividing are done the 81.92kHz and the phase which is compared the standard oscillator 10.48576mHz and forms the loop. In other words, the 1stc.local has changed with 81.92kHz step, dividing ratio of LOCAL oscillator side because you take between 74 - 440, becomes the very small data for the BPF-1. Replacing to the data of 14 divisions this, with the ROM, in order to change at the closest frequency, it is the case that it can set. In this
state, as for difference of designated frequency even when being maximum, it is the 50kHz, because zone of the BPF the crossover it has done, it means not to be especially problem even in the edge of the BPF which is been divided.

Remodeling method

The BPF-1 is connected, it is necessary to remove the signal from the inside the FT-1000MP. The signal which it removes, +13.5v, the GND and the CK4, DATA4, STD, is the ATT6dB, the ATT12dB, ANT SW and the RX2-ANT. It meaning that the detailed remodeling data is prepared, it abbreviates removal place,, but if the person who can do the solder attaching it is simple.

Main part
Is completed BPF unit the outside the FT-1000MP which The BPF BPF-1 for FT-1000, C-MOS IC 4094ラ2, Logic IC 4584ラ1, EP-ROM and 3 terminal regulator 7805, condenser and resistance, switch, connector and case, such as base plate and toroidal core.

Procurement method of remodeling data
The remodeling data (it distributes) with WDXC such as necessary part list.
As for inquiry and proposal, free dial to 0120-86-4901.
In addition, the finished product please consult desired one. Other way, case generation, 36,000 Yen such as BPF1 and part generation and service charge (tax * postage extra) it catches. For substance remodeling, we keep the FT-1000MP of your one time customer.




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