Yaesu to Icom Mod by ON4VP:

Once I purchased the Icom IC-2 KL linear, I planned to interface the FT-1000MP and the FT-897 to the IC-2KL.
PA0RCF developed a nice interface which takes the band data from the Yaesu rigs and converts them to the needed voltages that runs to the Icom linear. At a given voltage, the Icom IC-2KL linear will change bands. Also the PTT and the ALC lines are provided to have a perfectly adjusted system.

The interface itself uses the 12VDC for powering the interface components, and with an extra voltage divider the exact line voltage is sent to the Icom for selecting the same band. An extra adapter cable connects to the DIN mini plug of the FT-897 instead of the DIN plug of the FT1000MP Thanks to P0ARCF for the great work committed in this project !

If interested, mail me for the schematics and print layout. Pictures on this page ...






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