Keying Improvement Mod by INRAD

FT-1000MP Keying Improvement (Excerpt from Inrad Web Page)

The MP keying rise time is 2.4 mS and fall time is 1.0 mS. The fall time is responsible for the somewhat wide signal, which the MP generates on CW. There are two points in the radio which can be used to improve the keying by slowing the voltage change over from receive to transmit and back.

Three parts are added to the radio. Two go on the IF board and one goes on the RF board. They are small leaded parts which solder on the bottom side of the boards. Board drawings are supplied which show the part locations. The IF board is fairly easy to get at. The RF board is buried under the final amplifier and is somewhat difficult to get at. Estimated time to install is 1 hour.

Key Click Mod with pictures by W7HV
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