Yaesu FT1000MP Antenna Tuner Mod

This mod activates FT1000MP's antenna tuner both on TX/RX, not only on TX like it was originally done by YAESU.
Please read .DOC file for additional information.

From: "Waldemar Kuna (RSA)" <Waldemar.Kuna@rsa.ericsson.se>    Download Files referred to in this mod SITE 1
To: "'k1xt@hotmail.com'" <k1xt@hotmail.com>                                    Download Files referred to in this mod SITE 2
Subject: FT1kMP mod
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 19:56:50 +0200                                                Note: A copy of this in Word is in the above files

Hello guys, and thank you for interest in my simple modification. I've done it for almost 3 years ago and it took me about 1 hour to plan work and about 3 hours to complete work. Planning is very important part of whole work and you should think to have all necessary tools before start of work.
I am enclosing with this letter 12 files in .jpg format that cover all
necessary information to do modification. First 3 files named TRX dis 1,2,3 are scanned pages from FT1000MP's Technical Supplement about disassembling FT1000MP, step by step to find out way to LPF PCB that will be modified later. Please read it very carefully and apply all suggestion from there.
Next 2 files, TRX exploded view and LPF PCB location are also scanned
pictures from Technical supplement to help those of you without your copy of it.
Files Before mod and After mod includes wiring diagram of LPF PCB before modification and after modification, it would be helpful to print them out and have copy available before start of work.
Files: LPF PCB comp. -view includes partial picture of component side of LPF PCB
LPF PCB foil view before mod. -includes partial picture of foil side of
LPF PCB foil cut offs- includes partial picture of foil side with marked necessary foil cut offs
LPF PCB jumpers and coax cable assy. - includes picture of foil side with location of necessary jumpers and coaxial cable. You can note that longer jumper can replaced by short peace of coaxial cable, I done the way showed on the picture, but choice is yours. I've been using double screened teflon insulated thin 50 ohm coaxial cable, but this cable should handle easily full power from XCVR (100W). Jumpers were done using silver plated 1mm dia copper wire in teflon insulation, but you can use other cables as well.
After modification it's necessary to check balance in your directional
coupler, description how to do it you can find in file DIR COUP. AL..
In my case it wasn't necessary to do any correction, but it's always good engineering practice to check it out, the only needed instrument is DC voltmeter.
After modification it's time reassemble XVCR and use it!
If you have any other questions about this mod please don't hesitate to contact me.

Waldemar Kuna, SM0TQX