FT1000MP Mark V - Review by RadCom
Courtesy of Andrew Williamson GI0NWG / AC6WI

As previously mentioned on this group, the FT1000mp Mk V was reviewed in the October 2000 RadCom.  I asked the editorial staff for permission to quote figures and make comparisons with the original review of the FT1000mp in the January 1996 RadCom on this reflector (it's a copyrighted publication).  Permission was granted.  You will need to view this on a fixed width font to make everything line up properly.

I was asked to state that the figures were taken from "an independent review by Peter Hart, G3SJX, in the RSGB members' journal, RadCom". Peter Hart has been doing these reviews in RadCom for quite a number of years and always gives the figures in the same format so it is easy to make direct comparisons.  It's interesting to lift the May 1986 RadCom and compare the FT1000mp with the TS930, the old benchmark rig.  It's surprising how far the FT1000mp is ahead of the TS930 in some critical areas, but we'll leave that for another time ;-)

Below, direct comparisons have been made between the older FT1000mp and the new FT1000mp Mk V.

SENSITIVITY SSB 10dB s+n/n  (using tuned/flat front ends as appropriate)

FREQ   FT1000MP    FT1000MP MK V
       ========    =============
1.8     0.32uV       0.40uV
3.5     0.40uV       0.45uV
7       0.32uV       0.35uV
10      0.18uV       0.18uV
14      0.20uV       0.20uV
18      0.16uV       0.16uV
24      0.13uV       0.11uV
28      0.13uV       0.11uV

FT1000MP  INTERMODULATION (50kHz Tone Spacing)

        3rd Order Intercept       2 tone dynamic range
1.8     +13dBm      +15dBm          93dB        93dB
3.5     +18dBm      +19dBm          95dB        97dB
7       +19dBm      +20dBm          97dB        97dB
14      +19dBm      +29dBm          99dB       102dB
21      +14dBm      +19dBm          97dB        96dB
28      - 4dBm      + 6dBm          87dB        86dB

FT1000MP MK V  INTERMODULATION (50kHz Tone Spacing)

          3rd Order Intercept            Two-Tone Dynamic Range

FREQ  Flat Amp  Tuned Amp  Amp Out     Flat Amp  Tuned Amp  Amp Out
1.8    - 5dBm    +10dBm    +22dBm        84dB      90dB       97dB
3.5    + 6dBm    +16dBm    +21dBm        91dB      93dB       95dB
7      +13dBm    +16dBm    +18dBm        95dB      95dB       95dB
14     +12dBm      -       +24dBm        95dB       -         99dB
21     +11dBm      -       +13dBm        95dB       -         91dB
28     + 2dBm    - 9dBm    + 2dBm        88dB      85dB       82dB



Spacing  3rd Order    Two Tone       Blocking   Reciprocal Mixing
         Intercept  Dynamic Range                 For 3dB noise
  3kHz    - 8dBm        78dB          -25dBm          80dB
  5kHz    - 2dBm        82dB          -25dBm          86dB
  7kHz    + 1dBm        84dB          -18dBm          94dB
 10kHz    +13dBm        92dB          -10dBm          99dB
 15kHz    +29dBm       103dB          - 6dBm         103dB
 20kHz    +24dBm        99dB          - 4dBm         108dB
 30kHz    +22dBm        98dB            0dBm         115dB
 40kHz    +21dBm        97dB            0dBm         121dB
 50kHz    +20dBm        97dB            0dBm         124dB
100kHz  <---------------------not measured--------------------->
200kHz  <---------------------not measured--------------------->


Spacing  3rd Order    Two Tone       Blocking   Reciprocal Mixing
         Intercept  Dynamic Range                 For 3dB noise
  3kHz    - 9dBm        77dB          -14dBm          82dB
  5kHz    -14dBm        73dB          -14dBm          87dB
  7kHz    -12dBm        75dB          - 8dBm          91dB
 10kHz    - 5dBm        79dB            0dBm          95dB
 15kHz    +10dBm        89dB          >+6dBm         100dB
 20kHz    +18dBm        95dB          >+6dBm         104dB
 30kHz    +18dBm        95dB          >+6dBm         109dB
 40kHz    +18dBm        95dB          >+6dBm         112dB
 50kHz    +18dBm        95dB          >+6dBm         114dB
100kHz    +18dBm        95dB          >+6dBm         120dB
200kHz    +18dBm        95dB          >+6dBm         123dB

Some other miscellaneous figures

AM sensitivity (28MHz)
FT1000MP      = 0.7uV for 10dB s+n/n at 30% mod depth
FT1000MP MK V = 0.8uV for 10dB s+n/n at 30% mod depth

FM sensitivity (28MHz)
FT1000MP      = 0.13uV for 12dB SINAD 3kHz pk deviation
FT1000MP MK V = 0.13uV for 12dB SINAD 3kHz pk deviation

AGC threshold
FT1000MP      = 2.5uV
FT1000MP MK V = 2.5uV

FT1000MP      = 100dB above AGC threshold for +2.0dB audio output
FT1000MP MK V = 100dB above AGC threshold for +1.5dB audio output

AGC attack time
FT1000MP      = 5ms(fast)  2ms(slow)
FT1000MP MK V = 3ms(fast)  2ms(slow)

AGC decay time
FT1000MP      = 0.2-0.5s(fast)  2-3s(slow)
FT1000MP MK V = 0.2-0.3s(fast)  2s(slow)

Carrier suppression
FT1000MP      = >80dB
FT1000MP MK V = >70dB

Sideband suppression
FT1000MP      = >80dB @ 1kHz
FT1000MP MK V = >80dB @ 1kHz

Transmitter AF distortion
FT1000MP      = 0.5%
FT1000MP MK V = <1%

SSB T/R switch speed
                 mute-TX   TX-mute   mute-RX   RX-mute
FT1000MP      =   12ms       5ms      24ms       2ms
FT1000MP MK V =   10ms       5ms      24ms       2ms

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